With autumn here and winter fast approaching its time for us to pull out our scarves. Usually when we put on a scarf we throw it on as we are running out the door; however there are many ways that you can make your scarf a fashion accessory by just wearing it differently. Also your scarf doesn’t need to be bland and the obvious black or grey.  At London W11 you will see cashmere scarfs that have patterns and various details to really add a splash to your outfit.

So how do you wear these, here are 5 ways to wear the scarf.

1.  Loop scarf


You can wear a scarf in just a simple loop. These scarves can be bought already in a loop or you can take a scarf and just tie it together or use safety pins to make the loop. The looped scarf can have the most impact when it is bright or of a particular pattern paired with a plainer outfit. This way the scarf is able to make the outfit pop and become the focal point.

2. The Simple Knot


In order to achieve the knot you just need to loop the scarf around your neck a few times and then knot it. This way of wearing a scarf is a snuggly way and will be sure to keep the winter chill off your neck and still look good as you do. You can look at using a bright scarf or a pattern to brighten up your winter clothes.

3. The Wrap Scarf


Instead of wrapping the scarf around your neck and then knotting it at the end you can take the scarf, fold it in half and then wrap the scarf around your neck and pull the ends through the loop. If the ends of your scarf dangle to long then you can knot it as well. This is usually the most chosen look for those with scarves as it’s easy and keeps your neck toasty.

4. Warm Your Neck


You can keep your neck extremely wear in these coming winter months by looping the scarf a few times around your neck. If you use a normal scarf then you will need to tuck away the ends so that they don’t dangle out. A looped scarf will work well for this look.

5. Belt it in Place

If you want to wear a pretty scarf but not have it hide your outfit or even your figure then you can take the scarf and wear it as a looped scarf as previously said and then put a belt over it so that it stays in the place that you want it to and so that it does not distract from the rest of your outfit.

There are many ways you can wear a scarf, you can even wear it as a head scarf, through your jeans loops for a funky belt and more. Let your belt be a stand out piece to your outfit.

 Bio: Emily Steves is a regular customer at London W11 where she is able to buy her cashmere scarves for the season and to see what is new on the fashion scene.